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» » HYPER Wiki - Disruptive Gaming Cryptocurrency

HYPER Wiki - Disruptive Gaming Cryptocurrency


Breaking news: HYPER poker is live with instant HYPER deposits and withdrawals and real money HYPER games http://hyperpoker.pw

Essentially, HYPER is a low energy cryptocurrency designed for use in online games, MMOs, virtual worlds and more. The currency is currently used in Poker, CS:GO, TF2, Rust, EVE Online, StarMade, Assetto Corsa Racing, Paperboy, Tilt, Snowball, Dice and more, and Zandagort – a space-based strategy MMO game server we are running where an in-game free market trading platform for HYPER is being currently developed. Players worldwide can earn, spend and win HYPER on a decentralized network of HYPER game servers run by the community.

HYPER rewards users who "stake" their wallets by issuing compound interest at 5% monthly. The currency’s multi-stage economic model incentivizes users to keep their wallet clients running on regular desktops and laptops, which is what enables this currency to be so decentralized. Transactions are processed and verified by true peers, not by wealthy mining interests.

Through giving HYPER bounties to server admins and online game developers, we aim to eventually have hundreds of online games and servers that utilize HYPER as the in-game currency. The key focus of all our future development plans is to ensure HYPER has a diverse and unprecedented ecosystem that provides many unique opportunities for gaming, trading and profit.

Watch the HYPER intro video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMTt3zAJgpg

Visit the official HYPER website at http://hypercrypto.com

HYPER Game Servers: Win, Spend, Play And Earn With HYPER

HYPER Gaming Competitions

Buy HYPER With USD, BTC, DOGE, LTC on Exchanges

How To Mine HYPER With X11, SHA-256 and Scrypt At The Multipool

  • 1.) Go to http://coinking.io and make an account

  • 2.) Use your X11, SHA-256 or Scrypt miner to automatically mine the most profitable coin and then have it converted into HYPER for you! You can also choose BTC payouts and then use the BTC to buy HYPER on https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-HYPER

  • 3.) Please contact coinking.io support directly, if you require further assistance.

How To Buy HYPER With USD

  • 1.) Simply sign up for an account with COMKORT at https://comkort.com

  • 2.) Make an account with Payeer https://payeer.com to deposit with VISA, Mastercard, Wire Transfer and SEPA, or make an account with Okpay https://www.okpay.com to deposit with Wire Transfer

  • 3.) Deposit the funds into your Payeer or Okpay account. Then when logged in COMKORT just go to Balances and deposit USD from Payeer or Okpay.

  • 4.) You can now buy HYPER with USD on COMKORT at https://comkort.com/trade/hyper_usd

  • *** COMKORT, Payeer and Okpay are run independently from HYPER. Please contact their respective support departments if you require further assistance. ***

HYPER Intro Videos

How To Tip HYPER Online With Twitter, Facebook and More. Changetip For HYPER

  • Once logged into twitter or facebook just go to http://www.whitepuma.net/unidash/ click the button at the top "twitter tipping" or "facebook tipping" to start tipping HYPER on twitter and facebook! Here is the format for tipping on twitter: @whitepumatipbot give 500 HYPER to @blanyuk **JUST REPLACE @blanyuk with whoever on twitter you want to tip that's it!**

  • Tutorial video explaining HYPER tipping to beginners: http://youtu.be/md2o-mwcEI8

How To Integrate HYPER Into Your Shopping Cart / Cryptocurrency Service Automatically

How To Accept HYPER Donations As An Author / Game Developer / Artist / For Anything

HYPER Real World Gaming Events

HYPER Sponsored Indie Game Development

HYPER Blockchain Based Betting

HYPER Forums

HYPER in The Media

HYPER Social Media

HYPER Merchants and Services

Latest HYPER Wallet Client Downloads

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