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Проект LosenaGroupTeam » Материалы за 12.12.2022

Bots Telegram:

@aigis_bot- For TG group admins work

@anonfileuploaderbot - An analogue of Dropmefiles/AnonimeFile

@AlertBot - for creating alerts and reminders

@Axenia_Bot - Karma counter for Groups

@BetterTTSBot - talks written text in 78 languages

@bacakubot - transfers text from photos and can translate

@BNoteBot - Reminders and notes

@bitbucket_bot - chat notifications (???)

@calcit_bot - calculator for simple calculations

@bookmarchbot - repository of links and quick access to them

@CalcuBot - chat calculator

@chatbridgebot - for communicating after complaining about you

@chotaurlbot - URL shortener

@chotamreaderbot - helps you read articles without ads (you send a link, you get clean text)

@cloud_convert_bot - converts needed file to needed format

@ComenBot - can help you create comment-enabled posts and publish them in your feeds to collect comments from your subscribers and customers

@createAtthemeBot - creates themes for the Android version of Telegram from a photo

@compilebot - compiles programs in several languages

@DetachBot - bot for detachment of attachments

@design_bot - This bot takes UI layouts and animations designed to improve Telegram

@Dlnewbot - Can save media from YouTube,Instagram and more

@directionsbot - finds routes before traveling

@dooxbot - Audio sampling and Conversion to voice Add emoji action button to you messages, Write HTML text messages, Change title of audio, video, photo, Attach embedded URL buttons to your messages even in channels. START

@do2bot - Creates a list to share

@DropmailBot - creates a one time email

@DrWebBot - can check files for viruses

@el_monitorro_bot - reads channels automatically. Supports JSON

@EuromillionsBot - checks the Euromillion lottery

@etlgr_bot - new email for each chat and getting messages from it

@ExchangeRatesBot - converts currencies

@evernoterobot - bot for Evernote notepad

@fakemailbot - fake email id

@Factornumbers_bot - factoring numbers from 2^120

@FBvidzBot - Facebook video downloads

@feed_reader_bot - subscribe to sites and get news from them

@Feedler_bot - search/subscribe to RSS feeds

@FileBot - send file and get download link

@file_rename_bot - rename files

@filehashing_bot - evaluating related hashes

@FileConvertBot - converting files

@filesbot - share file via Link

@files_sender_bot - redirect file via tag

@filestolinkbot - getting a link to a tg file

@filesrenamerbot - rename files

@filetobot - save your files to unlimited private storage

@FileUploaderBot - converts files

@folders_bot - directory for your files

@filezbot - converts file to zip

@foldersbot - sorts files in TG

@ForwardsCoverBot - bot to repeat your messages and send without reference to your name

@forwarded_remover_bot - replaced by @webdownload_bot - not working due to loss of hosting server

@foursquare - bot for finding restaurants and other places near you and sending those places to your friends
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