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For programmers:

For programmers:

http://all4forweb.ru/forum/36/ - the site is full of material on various programming languages

http://vbzero.narod.ru/part1.htm/ - Visual Basic 6.0 tutorial from scratch

http://ruseller.com/ - HTML and DHTML, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Mootools, Wordpress, Joomla!

http://habrahabr.ru/post/143737/ - Programming for beginners: how to start and where to move?

http://htmlbook.ru/ - a useful site for those who study HTML and CSS

http://habrahabr.ru/post/150302/ - an article for those who are starting to learn Python

http://e-maxx.ru/algo/ - various algorithms in C++

http://www.delphibasics.ru / - basics of Delphi

http://programmersforum.ru/ - forum of programmers

http://www.programmersclub.ru/lab/ - various examples

http://padabum.com/ - a lot of useful information

http://proglive.ru/free/ - free video courses

http://learn.jаvascript.ru - Modern jаvascript Tutorial

http://www.postroika.ru/html/ - html for dummies

http://www.cplusplus.com/ - a lot of information on C++ in English

http://startandroid.ru/ - development for Android + book "Google Android: programming for mobile devices" by A. Goloshchapov

http://www.intuit.ru/department/pl/javan… - an article about Java for beginners

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