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Какой системой для переводов денег вы пользуетесь?

Проект LosenaGroupTeam » Материалы за 18.10.2023

Bots to help the channel administrator:

bots to help the channel administrator:

https://t.me/vote - bot for creating anonymous polls.
https://t.me/groupagreebot - bot for creating personalized polls, those who voted can be seen by everyone.
https://t.me/ControllerBot - bot for formatting posts, publishing by timing, viewing statistics, etc.
https://t.me/markdownrobot - bot for publishing in markdown format.
https://t.me/chatkeeperbot - bot helps in group management with rules, anti-flood, description, custom triggers, and more.
https://t.me/UtmGeneratorBot - bot for generating UTM tags in a couple clicks.
https://t.me/combot - bot for chat administration, statistics collection and visualization.
https://t.me/LivegramBot - bot for creating your own feedback bots.
https://telegram.me/chotamreaderbot - Automatically transfers the content of any article to Telegraph - copies headlines, basic formatting, images and videos. All of this can be viewed by Telegraph users in InstantView mode.
https://t.me/vk_bot - integration with VKontakte, for admins of VK groups.
https://t.me/banofbot - bot that organizes voting for banning a user in the absence of group admins.
https://t.me/crssbot - bot creates RSS for your Telegram feed.
https://t.me/SecretgramBot - creating anonymous comments to a post.
https://t.me/ShortUrlRUBot - link shortener.
https://t.me/crosser_bot - Bot counts intersections in channels/chats. Shows your audience. Saves you from ineffective GPs. Saves on brand costs
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