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Проект LosenaGroupTeam » ЭПС » Perfect Money payment system affiliate program

Perfect Money payment system affiliate program

Perfect Money payment system affiliate program

Perfect Money payment system affiliate program

Perfect Money is one of the international payment systems presenting a complex of financial services in the Internet:

1. Creating an account.
2. Remittances.
3. Currency conversion.
4. Online payment acceptance.

True rise of Perfect Money began after demise of the Liberty Reserve, which was forbidden for usage in a powerful, but extremely politicized country.

The main advantage of Perfect Money is that if the government of the richest country in the world known to all imposes sanctions against somebody, the Perfect Money Company can ensure closing out client’s pocket in PM system to be blocked under any conditions. In addition, Perfect Money differs fundamentally from other EPS by applying the principle of the bank deposit. Therefore, users receive interest from balance of account every month.

Affiliate program

The benefits and advantages of PM do not end on accrual of interest on savings. The system keeps rating of the most active users and awards bonuses in the wake of rising the number of transactions carried out in the system. It becomes more interesting? And this total is not final!

If the customer leads to Perfect Money another user, Affiliate Referral Program will come into effect. And then an active participant in the system is starting to get interest from balance of referral’s account. You should consider the multi-effect depending on the account level. The longer a person uses Perfect Money, the more holds his own money through system gateways, the higher the interest will be.

Residual income for webmasters

Does your site have PageRank 1 or higher? Then you have the opportunity to receive ten American dollars to each PR. To the effect, it is necessary to place advertising banner Perfect Money on the pages of your resource. However, there is one drawback about this kind of partnership. The system felt quite popular and ceased to encourage website owners for advertising only.

However, things can't be all that bad in the universe! Business is an endless challenge. After losing one source, you can always find another. Instead, you can install on your site an innovative payment gateway Perfect Money and get a commission from payments, transfers and donations made by visitors.

There is wide range of stylish Perfect Money banners available, clicking on which a site visitor hits the Perfect Money homepage. Being cut to the heart by the grandeur and perfection of the payment system: “It is Just Perfect!” the client immediately rips off his veil, sorry, registers in the PM and puts his first thousand dollars in the account.

And the essence of a whole that the banner was not simple, but a referral link site owner. So it makes sense to place several explanatory articles on the pros PM.

How to become a partner of Perfect Money

Obviously, firstly you should publish your project in the Internet the and pump it properly. The greater flow of visitors will move through your site, the more of them can be converted into referrals webmasters.

Secondly, you need to formalize partnership with Perfect Money online and get referral links and banners.

Finally, you should place the banners in the most attractive and interesting places for customers.

The disadvantages of the system include the sad fact that Perfect Money still hasn’t got particular wide popularity in our country. And despite the excellent, fully Russified, intuitive and trouble-free functioning user interface.
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