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Проект LosenaGroupTeam » ЭПС » ЭПС MoneyPolo отменяет карты VISA для граждан не EEA.

ЭПС MoneyPolo отменяет карты VISA для граждан не EEA.

Сегодня пользователи MoneyPolo получили вот такое письмо:

Dear MoneyPolo Visa Cardholder,

Please be informed that Terms and Conditions for MoneyPolo VISA card program have been changed fundamentally. We advise all of our customers to read them carefully. You can find our updated Terms and Conditions here: https://moneypolo.com/cz-en/products...nd-conditions/ .

The most important change is that MoneyPolo has permission to issue VISA cards only to customers that reside within European Economic Area (EEA). Cards issued to non-EEA residents will be closed by 21st July 2018.

We’re currently working on the issue and expect to have an alternative for the customers already owning the cards and those that opted for one within 1-2 months (approximately in July).

You can continue using your card as usual until the Closure Date; after the Closure Date any unspent balance on your card will be transferred to your MP account automatically for you to access.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding and trust.

Все карты которые выдала платёжка,жителям не с European Economic Area (EEA),будут действительны до 21 июля 2018 года.
Имхо ищите пока альтернативу.
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